A downloadable game for Windows

Inspired on "Gato Galático" clip called "Pudim Amassado" on YouTube and Quantum Probability we created this 2D plataformer/"infinite" runner. 

In this game, you need to get to the portal in the end of the level with the Pudim alive. However, the longer you keep the box close the higher the chances that Pudim has died and you need to close the box to run and/or jump.


  • Marcelo Rigon - Programming, Game Design and (awful) sketches
  • Paolla Agard - Programming, Art
  • Bruno Gazzoni - SFX/Music

Quantum Game Jam entry - http://www.finnishgamejam.com/quantumjam2015/games/2015-games/brazil/pudim-radio...

Webversion with old Unity plugin - http://ilexgames.com.br/games/pudim_radioativo/

Install instructions

Unzip on your chosen folder and run PudimRadioativo.exe.


PudimRadioativo.zip 11 MB