A downloadable game for Windows

Inside Us is a game prototype about a group of children who got lost in the woods and started playing with the elements.

The elements you can interact take the shape of the player character's imagination.


  • A and D - walk left and right
  • CTRL - jump
  • Z - change character
  • ALT+F4 - quit

Global Game Jam entry - https://globalgamejam.org/2014/games/inside-us


  •  Marcelo Rigon - Game designer and Lead programmer
  • Lucas Dias - Programmer
  • Mariana Zancheta - Artist
  • Mirella Brolezi - Artist
  • Alan Ricardo- Programmer; QA
  • Leila Dumaresq - Game & Level Designer

Install instructions

Download and unzip it, in the folder you choose.

Run InsideUs.exe.


GGJ14_InsideUs.zip 30 MB